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Our goal is the use of humane wildlife removal techniques as our primary methods. If an animal is inside a structure, our eviction/exclusion strategies will most often lead to a capture. We will discuss the process for removing your wildlife intruders at the time of the estimate.

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What We Do

We started in this industry in 2015. Family owned and operated. When choosing a wildlife removal and control company, you need to be sure to hire a wildlife removal professional.

Advanced Wildlife Removal is dedicated to humane, effective practices and will not only remove the wildlife animals, but also make every effort to ensure they won't get back in. 

Wildlife Removal Services

  • Raccoon Removals

  • Opossum Removals

  • Squirrel Removals

  • Skunk Removals

  • Nutria Removals

  •  Small Animals &  Rodent Removals

  • Bird Removals

  • Dead Animal Removals

  • Wildlife Intrusion Inspections


Wildlife Prevention & Exclusion

Exclusion prevention work after removal job is complete to help prevent them from returning back to your home. Wildlife exclusion services provide the full solution to wildlife incursions to your property.

Prevention services limit access to food, water, or shelter for the target species. Depending on the types of wildlife that you are having issues with, the process can vary.

You'll See Results From Our Wildlife Removal Services

We are a professional, humane, effective and ethical company! I chose to work in this industry because our mission is to safely and humanely remove nuisance wildlife in order to protect the community we serve and the homes they love.

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Raccoons are some of the most common nuisance wildlife you will encounter in a residential setting. These creatures are smart, resourceful, and eat just about anything. They have learned to adapt to urban life by learning how to find food from trash cans, gardens and crops. The easiest way to get rid of raccoons is to trap them. To prevent future raccoon entry, it is important to safely remove wildlife and make the necessary repairs and modifications to your building.

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Arguably the most odorous nuisance wildlife creature (alive, that is), the common skunk can do some serious damage digging under your house, or into your lawn and garden. Despite the recognized inconvenience of rank, lingering odors the air, skunks can spray your patio furniture, deck, the sides of your house, and worst of all, you!

Their presence in man’s environment predisposes man to the diseases and organisms they carry, making skunks a public health hazard. They do not only infect man or contaminate his food in the process of foraging, but they also infect domestic and pet animals, contaminate water sources with eggs from their feces, and infect food sources, this leads to a widespread health problem.

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Opossums (or possums) are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of scavenging and living in attics and under houses. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Opossums living in the attic
    Opossums living under deck or house
    Dead opossum on property or roadside
    Stealing pet food or bird seed
    Sick, potentially dangerous opossum
    Presence is alarming dogs/pets

For these reasons, many people wish to have this nuisance animal trapped and removed.

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If squirrels manage to get inside your home, however, they can wreak havoc on insulation, electric wires and other functional parts of the home. Squirrels can travel along power lines, shorting out transformers. They enter through openings in buildings to build nests in attics. Squirrels can damage lawns by digging up or burying nuts. Squirrels will chew bark or clip twigs from ornamental trees and shrubbery in yards. Squirrels will often eat food intended for birds. These are all good reasons to contact Advanced Wildlife Removal to remove them and protect against more squirrel entries.

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Oregon and Washington struggle with nutria-produced erosion.

Damage to Yards. Most nutria damage occurs around bodies of water where these large rodents live.

Damage to Homes. While it's unlikely that nutria will ever enter a house, their burrowing behavior can indirectly impact.

Health Concerns. Bacterial infection - Nutria may be infected with the bacteria that cause tularemia, tuberculosis, and other diseases.

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Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures in nature, but they only belong in nature. They can be a nuisance if they are near or in your property. Birds may enter your attic, eat the vegetables from your garden, and roost on your roof. Birds can cause several problems for homeowners.

We offer the services of removing unwanted birds that decide to make their homes in your attics, roofline vents, and kitchen exhaust vents. We specialize in the safe removal and then the cleaning up the mess that they have left behind. Birds can carry mites that will get worse the longer they continue to nest so solving the problem earlier helps contain the spread to other areas of your home.

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Oregon bats are protected and can only be evicted from your homes during the months of September-May.  Our methods are to safely remove the bats as the first step of the process.

We then will compete the exclusion process which entails the prevention of them getting back into your homes.

We want bats to be around our areas and neighborhoods we just don't want them to return to your homes.

Experts in residential nuisance wildlife removal in Oregon, we will exceed your expectations.  We provide our customers with quality work, responsiveness, and competitive pricing. We look forward to serving you.


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We'll want to prevent a recurrence of the wildlife intrusion problem and can offer a full range of animal-proofing/exclusion services that carry at least a one-year guarantee against re-entry. We have many effective methods to help keep the critters from getting in again!

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The job is not complete until the identified access points have been effectively refitted with wildlife exclusion material that will stand up to challenge by wildlife intruders. Our company is licensed and insured and in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations. References available upon request. Call to schedule your appointment. (971) 281-4345